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Los Remedios has two metro stations: one in Plaza de Cuba and another in Parque de los Príncipes.

The hotel Monte Carmelo is closest to both stops.

The Plaza de Cuba metro stop is 450 m away, or 5 minutes on foot.

The Parque de los Príncipes metro stop is a bit further away; 800 m or 9 minutes on foot.

You can take the metro to either Aljarafe de Sevilla (Mairena del Aljarafe and San Juan de Aznalfarache) in one direction, or the neighbourhood of Montequinto-Dos Hermanas in the other.
You can take the metro to the following stops to visit other points of the city: Puerta de Jerez (Old City), Prado de San Sebastián (bus station), San Bernardo (local rail station served by lines C1 and C4), Nervión or Gran Plaza, among others.

The hotel Monte Triana is further away from both stations, and is closest to Plaza de Cuba: 1.3 km. 16 minutes.

More information: SEVILLE METRO


The following Seville city buses (TUSSAM) serve the neighbourhoods of Los Remedios-Triana:

Radial lines 5, 6, 40, 41, 43.
Circular lines C1, C2 and C3.

  • Triana (Hotel Monte Triana):

Lines right next to the hotel 43-C3

  • Line 43: Stops just in front of the hotel. Various stops throughout the Triana neighbourhood. It goes along Calle Castilla to Altozano and crosses the Puente de Triana, taking you to La Magdalena (city centre). The return journey is longer, and goes around the whole neighbourhood before leaving you at the doors of the hotel.
  • Circular Line C3: With stops on Calle Pagés del Corro and Calle Chapina, it connects the following points of the city: Prado de San Sebastián, Plaza de España, Puerta Osario, the Macarena area and Puerta de Jerez (city centre).

Lines close to the hotel (Ronda de Triana) 5-6-C1

  • Line 5: Stop at Ronda de Triana. Takes you to Puerta de Triana passing Los Remedios, Prado de San Sebastián and Plaza de España. As well as several areas of the Nervión and Santa Aurelia neighbourhoods.
  • Line 6: Stop at Ronda de Triana. This line will take you to the Reina Mercedes area or to the La Macarena neighbourhood.
  • Exterior Circular Lines C1 and C2: both circular lines stop at Ronda de Triana and connect the following points of the city: Prado de San Sebastián, Plaza de España, Santa Justa station, the Macarena area, and Isla de la Cartuja.
  • Los Remedios (Hotel Monte Carmelo):

Lines close to the hotel: 41-6-C1-C2

  • Line 41: Stops on Juan Sebastián el Cano and along Virgen de Luján. Begins in Plaza de La Magdalena. In the shopping area of the city centre.
  • Line 6: Stops on Virgen de Luján-Juan Sebastián el Cano. This line will take you to the Reina Mercedes area or to the La Macarena neighbourhood.
  • Circular lines C1 and C2: Both circular lines have stops on Virgen de Luján-Juan Sebastián el Cano. They serve a large part of the Triana and Los Remedios neighbourhoods and connect the following points of the city: Plaza de España, Prado de San Sebastián, Plaza de España, Santa Justa station, the Macarena area, and Isla de la Cartuja.

Lines close to the hotel (Republica Argentina-Plaza de Cuba) 5-40.

  • Line 5: Stops at República Argentina-Plaza de Cuba. This line will take you to Plaza de España and Prado de San Sebastián, various areas in the Nervión and Santa Aurelia neighbourhood, or through part of the Triana neighbourhood to Puerta de Triana and Puerta de Jerez.
  • Line 40: Stops at República Argentina-Pagés del Corro. Enters the Triana neighbourhood through San Jacinto and Pagés del Corro. This line will take you to Plaza de la Magdalena (city centre).



The following taxi ranks are available:

Los Remedios Neighbourhood

  • C/Virgen de la Victoria - Next to Hotel Monte Carmelo.
  • C/Virgen de Luján with C/Asunción.
  • Plaza de Cuba.

Triana Neighbourhood

  • Calle Castilla, facing Plaza Chapina, a few metres from the hotel.
  • Plaza Altozano at the corner with Calle San Jacinto.
  • Calle Pagés del Corro, facing the Hacienda building.


Celebrations in the city


Held on the evening of 5 January. It is a very popular and deeply rooted celebration in Seville. The parade takes an extensive route around the city and its different neighbourhoods. The itinerary varies slightly from year to year. It usually passes very close to our Monte Carmelo and Monte Triana hotels.


Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Seville is one of the most important events to take place in the city each year, from a religious and cultural point of view. It takes place in March or April. Admired all over the world, over the course of Semana Santa religious brotherhoods set out from their home churches to the Cathedral and back. Ask Reception for “Hoteles Monte’s Recommendations for seeing Semana Santa”.


Together with Semana Santa, the Feria de Abril is one of the main celebrations in the city, where residents and visitors alike experience a week of merriment. The go-to place to take part in customs and folklore and admire the beautiful horses and carriages. The Feria de Abril compound is in the Los Remedios neighbourhood. The hotel Monte Carmelo is closest to it, with the hotel Monte Triana also close by.

More Information HERE


Corpus Christi is a moveable feast, so falls on a different day each year. In Seville, it is still celebrated on the Thursday, the day on which the procession around the city centre leaves the Cathedral. The procession is made up of representations from the city authorities and the hermandades (religious brotherhoods) and icons of great value are displayed, including the silver Gran Custodia monstrance, made by Arfe; perhaps one of his best works.

More information HERE


Takes place every year from 21 to 26 July. It is a traditional celebration that takes place in Triana, on the banks of the river Guadalquivir. A deeply entrenched festival which still maintains many of its original roots.

More information HERE


Every 15 August, the procession of Nuestra Señora de los Reyes, the patron saint of Seville and of the archdiocese of Seville, passes through the city. The procession begins at 8 am and takes a route lasting a little more than an hour around the cathedral.
More information HERE

Romería del Rocío

The Romería del Rocío is a world-famous pilgrimage that brings devotees from all over Spain and beyond. It is celebrated intensely in Seville, from where various religious brotherhoods set off on their pilgrimage to the hamlet of El Rocío. One of the most important brotherhoods is the Hermandad del Triana, whose procession passes almost right in front of the hotel Monte Triana.
More information HERE


The Triana neighbourhood is considered one of the cradles of the art of flamenco.
You can find flamenco in the following bars:

  • La Anselma - c/Pagés del Corro, 49
  • El Rejoneo - c/Betis, 31
  • Lo Nuestro - c/Betis, 31

Gastronomy and restaurants


Seville is one of the best places to eat tapas. Tapas are a snack served in bars to accompany a drink: small culinary samples that you can have for lunch or dinner.

"Pescao frito"

Seville has many places where you can get “Pescao Frito” (fried fish). It is served in a brown paper cone which you can take home or eat at at a table in the street (called a velador) along with a drink.


You must try these four dishes when you visit our city: Gazpacho, Cola de Toro (oxtail), Espinacas (spinach with chickpeas) and Bacalao con tomate (cod with tomato)


As with the above dishes, you can’t leave Seville without trying one of our desserts. Yemas de San Leandro, Pestiños or Torrijas.


  • La Blanca Paloma - Pagés del Corro, 86
  • Las Golondrinas - c/Antillano Campos, 26 and Pagés del Corro, 76.
  • Casa Cuesta - c/Castilla, 1
  • Mercado de Triana - Various bars inside.
  • Albariza - c/Betis, 6
  • La Mantecá - Pages del Corro, 7
  • Pura Tasca - c/Numancia, 5.
  • La Montanera - c/Juan Sebastian Elcano, 16
  • Viejo Tito - c/Virgen de la Victoria, 1
  • El Toro - c/Juan Sebastian Elcano, 14
  • Sierra Mayor - c/Arcos, 33
  • Cervecería La Sureña - c/Asunción, 58
  • Cervecería Los 100 Montaditos - c/Asunción, 47


  • La Blanca Paloma - San Jacinto, 49
  • Casa Cuesta - c/Castilla, 1
  • Casa Manolo - San Jorge, 16
  • Taberna Sol y Sombra - c/Castilla, 151
  • Restaurante Victoria 8 - c/ Victoria, 8 (sidestreet off Pagés del Corro)
  • Río Grande - c/Betis, 69
  • Albariza - c/Betis, 6
  • La Montanera - c/Juan Sebastian Elcano, 16
  • Restaurante José Luis - Plaza de Cuba, 3
  • la 1a del Puente - c/Betis, 66
  • Río Grande - c/Betis, 69
  • Restaurante San Marco (Cocina Italiana) - c/Betis, 68

Cruise Boats

Cruises along the Guadalquivir, departing from the dock at Paseo Marqués de Contadero, at the foot of the Torre del Oro.

More information HERE