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The hotel Monte Puertatierra is located in the city centre, just metres from the beach.

The hotel Monte Puertatierra is a few metres from one of Cadiz’s beaches, very close to the Historical Centre in the north east of the city and on the main road leading into the city. Its location makes an ideal and privileged position for seeing the city’s sights, as well as for those staying at out hotel for work reasons.

Monuments and places of interest

One of Cádiz’s most emblematic buildings. It blends Baroque and Neoclassical styles and has a Latin cross floor plan. The sound of the sea inside the cathedral is breathtaking. From the cathedral’s Poniente Tower there are wonderful panoramic views of the city and the Atlantic ocean. Map

Two spaces located in the Puerta de Tierra walls: a virtual reality room where you can go on themed virtual visits of 18th-century civil and military Cádiz, and an audiovisual room where you can watch Cádiz y el Mar (Cádiz and the Sea). Map

​Located at La Caleta beach, it is now a cultural centre. Map

Located at one end of La Caleta beach, opposite the Castle of Santa Catalina, on a small island. It is joined to the mainland by a promenade, making it accessible even at high tide. Map

​Rising 45 metres above sea level, it is one of the tallest lookout towers in the city, The camera obscura is located on the top floor. Map

​Built in the basement of the Church of El Rosario, in the street of the same name, it houses one of Cádiz’s artistic treasures, comprising three works by Goya. Map

​Houses various cultural institutions and the Fundación Municipal de Cultura. The Juan Luis Vassallo Museum is situated on the second floor. Map

​Dating from the 1st century BC, it is the oldest and largest theatre of its type in Spain. Map

Archaeological remains from the Phoenician-Punic period right up to the 18th century, including the medieval period and the 16th and 17th centuries. Map

Church with numerous plaques commemorating the Cádiz Cortes and the 1812 Constitution. It houses one of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo’s most important works: The Immaculate Conception.Map

​Contains notable sculptures and paintings, including Saint Francis’s Vision by El Greco. Map

The Bastion of La Candelaria is a fortification dating from the modern era. It is now a permanent exhibition venue. Map

​Built in 1676, this city fortification was declared a site of cultural interest in 1993 by the Regional Government of Andalusia. It formed part of the city defences, closing off the La Caleta arch. Map

​The Gran Teatro Falla theatre is a symbol of the city and is known worldwide for its role in the Cádiz Carnival Contest. It is constructed in red brick in a neo-mudéjar style. Map

​This link contains information in several languages on other interesting sights in the city of Cádiz, such as: the City Hall, the Monument to the Cádiz Cortes, the Central Market and stately homes which reflect the city’s essence.

Museums in Cádiz

​The city’s history lies in this museum. It has pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries, the majority related to the siege of the city by Napoleon’s troops between 1810 and 1812 and the passing of the first constitution in 1812. It notably houses a scale model of Cádiz made of hardwood and ivory between 1777 and 1779. Map

Spread over three floors, it houses archaeological remains from the various cultures which settled in the city (Phoenicians, Romans, and so on) as well as important works from the city’s past, including the Flemish, Italian and Spanish schools of the 16th century, works by Zurbarán for the Jerrez Charterhouse, various works by Murillo and his disciples in the Baroque collection, and a work by Joan Miró in the Art section. Map

The Cathedral Museum is located in what was the old Treasury House which was built on top of the cavea of the Roman Theatre. It houses treasures from the cathedral as well as religious art and paintings of the Seville school. Map

Located in the vaults of San Roque, in the walls of the Puertas de Tierra, this museum has its origins in the old German Lithograph of Cádiz and contains the most complete set of 19th century lithography in Spain. Map

Located in the vaults of Santa Elena, in the walls of the Puertas de Tierra, the main objective of this museum is to exhibit, document and preserve the memory of the activity of puppeteers and puppet companies, artisans and creators from both Spain and the rest of the world. Map

Located in Plaza de Minas, it is a building of great patrimonial value as it as an excellent example of an early 18th century bourgeois house. It is part of the Museum of Cádiz and houses temporary exhibitions. Map

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