Hotel Monte Carmelo: Located in the district of Los Remedios, this is the oldest of all our hotels in Seville (Spain)

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Location, environment and places of interest


Monte Carmelo Hotel is placed in the West area of the city. In the district of Los Remedios in Seville. Its location, near the city centre, makes it be an ideal and privileged place for tourist visits to the city and for those people who visit us for business. It is only a fifteen-minute walk to the historic city centre and to the main touristic monuments in the city, a nice walk over the river Guadalquivir through San Telmo Bridge. Los Remedios delimits with the district of Triana a particular area in the city.

How to get there

By car
By plane

From San Pablo Airport.

  • Taxi at the Airport.
  • Airport bus (EA). Destination: Prado de San Sebastián (last stop).
  • Prado de San Sebastián: Underground to Cuba Square (Plaza de Cuba).
  • Prado de San Sebastián: no. 5 bus to Av. República Argentina Avenue.
  • Prado de San Sebastián: no. C1 bus to Virgen de Luján Street.
By train

From Santa Justa railway station

  • No. C1 bus to Virgen de Luján Street.
  • Taxi.
By bus

From Armas Square (Plaza de Armas) bus station

  • Only by taxi. Approximate fare for the trip: 7 €

From Prado de San Sebastián bus station

  • Underground to Cuba Square.
  • No. 5 bus to República Argentina Avenue.
  • No. C1 bus to Virgen de Luján Street.
  • Taxi.

Consultation on Taxi fares in Seville: TAXI FARES
Consultation on Urban Buses fares (TUSSAM): TUSSAM FARES
Consultation on Underground fares in Seville: UNDERGROUND FARES

GPS Coordinates

For your comfort, please find below our GPS coordinates so that, if you have never visited us before, you will have no problems in finding us:

  • Latitude: 37º 22' 36"
  • Decimal Latitude: 37.37669675302497
  • Longitude: -05º 59' 49"
  • Decimal Longitude: -5.997194051742554

Very important: For correct location on navigation systems, please indicate "Turia" Street.

Post Code

Virgen de la Victoria Street (Calle Virgen de la Victoria), 7 - 41011 - Seville
Virgen de la Victoria Street (Calle Virgen de la Victoria), 7 - 41011 - Seville

Environment and places of interest

Los Remedios is one of the most significant districts in Seville. It is close to the city centre. April Fair is placed in this district and our hotel is the closest to the April Fair premises. It is a perfectly communicated district provided with a wide range of services, connections can be made by bus, underground or bicycle renting

Los Remedios is an eminently commercial area, with an important pedestrian path next to our hotel: Asunción Street, 20 metres from the hotel. It is an interesting commercial area where all type of shops can be found: well-known brands clothes shops, tailor's shops, shoe shops, gift shops, decoration shops, chemist´s, book shops, cafeterias, small supermarkets, banks, and many restaurants and bars where to have these so traditional tapas.

If walking along Asunción Street towards the city centre, we will get to Cuba Square (Plaza Cuba) in 5 minutes, entry to Los Remedios where Betis Street starts, this street goes along the river Guadalquivir linking Los Remedios with the district of Triana. República Argentina Avenue also starts from Cuba Square (Plaza Cuba), where many official bodies and company headquarters are placed, we can also find fast-food restaurants. The Carriage Museum, is placed in this square, from this point some of the most important monuments such as Real Maestranza de Caballería ((Bullring and Bullfight Museum), Torre del Oro (Gold Tower) or San Telmo Palace, seat of the Andalucía Government, can be seen. Once we have crossed San Telmo Bridge, we are inside the historic city centre.

How to get to tourist places from the hotel

  • Historic Artistic Centres:: Centres: Reales Alcázares - Cathedral and Giralda – General Archive of Indias – District of Santa Cruz - Casa de Murillo Museum - Los Venerables Hospital – City Hall – Museum of Fine Arts (Museo de Bellas Artes) – Lebrija Palace - Las Dueñas Palace - Anticuarium of Seville and Metropol Parasol
    Maestranza Area: Torre del Oro (Gold Tower) and Naval Museum (Museo Naval) - Bullring and Bullfighting Museum (Museo Taurino)- Santa Caridad Hospital
    Alfalfa Square area (Plaza de la Alfalfa): Diego Velázquez birth house –Pilatos's House (Casa de Pilatos) – Flamenco Dance Museum (Museo del Baile Flamenco)
    • You can access on foot from the hotel, a fifteen-minute walk to the Cathedral and Giralda. Short distances from that point to the rest of monuments.
    • You can catch the underground at Cuba Square and get off at the next stop "Puerta de Jerez". The Cathedral is a two-minute walk from that point.
  • Cartuja Island area (Isla de la Cartuja): Isla Mágica Park – Historical and Monumental Landmarks of La Cartuja (Conjunto Monumental de La Cartuja) – Andalusia Centre of Contemporary Art (Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo)
    • C1 bus at Virgen de Lujan Street to the Cartuja Island area
  • Macarena area - Centre: Museum-Treasure and Basilica of Macarena – City Museum and Don Fadrique Tower (Torre de Don Fadrique) - Museum-Treasure and Basilica of Gran Poder – Hercules Boulevard (Alameda de Hércules)
    • C1 bus at Virgen de Lujan Street to Macarena area
  • You can reach María Luisa Park (Parque María Luisa) on foot, to visit the following places: San Telmo Palace – Tobacco Old Factory (Antigua Fábrica de Tabacos) (University of Seville) - María Luisa Park – America Square (Plaza de América) – Archaeological Museum (Museo Arqueológico) - Museum of Arts and Popular Habits (Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares) – Military Museum (Museo Militar) - España Square (Plaza de España)
  • The following places can be visited in the district of Los Remedios: Carriage Museum (Museo de Carruajes) - Parque de Los Príncipes

How to get to business areas from the hotel

  • City Centre: Tourism Consortium of Seville – San Francisco Square (Plaza de San Francisco), 19 - International Congress and Convention Bureau – Triunfo Square (Plaza del Triunfo), 1 - Seville Film Office - Cuesta del Rosario, 8-Casa (House) 1-4ª planta (floor)
    • You can access these places on foot.
  • Business area: Av. de la Constitución - Nueva Square (Plaza Nueva) – Campana Square (Plaza de la Campana)
    • You can access these places on foot.
  • Los Remedios area: Av. República Argentina - Virgen de Luján
    • You can access these places on foot.
  • Ronda-Prado de San Sebastián - Court and Provincial Court of Seville - Seville University Rectorate - Seville Provincial Council
    • Underground Line 1, at Cuba Square (Plaza de Cuba) to Prado de San Sebastián.
    • no. 5 bus, at República Argentina, to Prado de San Sebastián.
    • C2 bus, at Virgen de Luján Street, to Prado de San Sebastián.
  • Cartuja Island area (Isla de la Cartuja): Confederation of Businessmen of Andalusia (Confederación de Empresarios de Andalucía) Triana Tower Building (Edificio Torre Triana) (several departments of the Junta de Andalusia)
    • C1 bus, at Virgen de Luján Street, to several areas in Cartuja Island.
  • Nervión area: Av. San Francisco Javier - Viapol - Av. de la Buhaira - Renfe - Offices at Santa Justa railway
    • C2 bus, at Virgen de Luján Street to Av. San Francisco Javier, Luis de Morales Street and Santa Justa railway station..
  • East area: - Congress Centre of Seville (Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos de Sevilla)
    • By bus or on foot to the city centre of Seville. At León Ponce Square (Plaza Ponce de León), no. 27 bus, to. Alcalde Luis Uruñuela Avenue
    • By taxi.

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You can check transport fares as well as taxi fares in the section "How to get there"

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