Hotel Monte Triana: Enjoy the charm of the district of Triana. Only 20 minutes' walk from the historic city centre and the Isle of la Cartuja 3 stars

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Links and useful information

Means of transport

  • Underground

    The only underground line running at present in Seville is next to the district of Triana, specifically the district of Los Remedios. There are two underground stations: one at Cuba Square (Plaza de Cuba), quite near our hotel, and another one at Príncipes Park (Parque de los Príncipes). Both directions for this underground will take you to the towns Aljarafe de Mairena and San Juan de Aznalfarache, or to the district of Montequinto-Dos Hermanas. You can also take the underground to get to other intermediate points in the city where there are underground stations: Puerta de Jerez, Prado de San Sebastián, San Bernardo, Nervión or Gran Plaza, among others.

    Further information: Seville underground

  • City bus

    Regarding bus routes in Seville (TUSSAM), number 5, 6, 40, 41 bus routes and C1 and C2 circular routes reach and leave the district of Triana from the following points:

    • number 5 bus route: stop at López de Gomara Street and Ronda de Triana. It will take you to Puerta de Triana or Prado de San Sebastián, several areas in the district of Nervión and the district of Santa Aurelia.
    • number 6 bus route: stop at Ronda de Triana. It will take you to Reina Mercedes area or to Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena.
    • number 40 bus route: stops at Álvar Núñez, San Jacinto, Pagés del Corro and Esperanza de Triana. It will take you to Magdalena Square (Plaza de la Magdalena) (city centre).
    • number 41 bus route: It has many stops all over the district of Triana: Altozano Street, Castilla Street, Clara de Jesús Montero Street (in front of our hotel's entrance), Av. de Coria, San Vicente de Paúl, Coruña, Ronda de los Tejares, Ronda de Triana and Av. Cristo de la Expiración. It will take you to Magdalena Square (Plaza de la Magdalena) (city centre).
    • C1 and C2 circular routes: Both circular routes stop at Ronda de Triana Street and López de Gomara Street linking the following points in the city: Prado de San Sebastián, Santa Justa railway station, Macarena and Cartuja areas.
    • C3 and C4 circular routes: Stops at Pagés del Corro and Chapina, linking the following points in the city: Prado de San Sebastián, Osario, Macarena area and Puerta de Jerez (city centre).

    Further information: SEVILLE URBAN TRANSPORT (TUSSAM)

  • Taxis

    The nearest taxi ranks to our hotel are the following ones:

    • Castilla Street, in front of Chapina Square (Plaza Chapina), some metres from the hotel
    • Altozano Square (Plaza Altozano), on the corner of San Jacinto Street
    • Pagés del Corro Street, in front of the Treasury (Hacienda) building

    Further information: ASOCIACIÓN UNION SEVILLANA DEL TAXI (Seville Taxi Association)

City festivals

  • The Three Wise Men Parade (La Cabalgata de Reyes Magos)

    Its is celebrated in the evening of January 5th. You can see it going by along several streets in Triana near our hotel.

    Further information HERE

  • Easter (Semana Santa) in Seville

    From a cultural and religious point of view, Easter is one of the most important events produced in the city every year, it takes place in March or April. Over these days, brotherhoods leave their sees towards the Cathedral and later back to their churches/temples of origin. Ask for "Hoteles Monte recommendations to see the Easter processions" at the hotel Reception.

    (Official Page of the General Council of Brotherhoods in Seville)

    (News and information about Brotherhoods)

  • April Fair

    April Fair is placed in district of Los Remedios. Our hotel is a twenty-minute walk from the April Fair premises (Real de la Feria de Abril)

    Further information HERE

  • Corpus Christi festivity

    It is a moveable feast in the calendar, therefore it is celebrated on a different date every year. Thursday is taken as a public holiday in Seville, this day the procession leaves the Cathedral along the city centre.

    Further information HERE

  • La Velá de Santa Ana

    Takes place from 21st to 26th July every year. It is a traditional feast keeping its popular origin.

    Further information HERE

  • El 15th August in Seville

    Every 15th August, Nuestra Señora de los Reyes, General Patron Saint of Seville and General Patron Saint of Seville Archdiocese, takes part in the procession in the city. The procession starts at 8 in the morning and its itinerary takes over 1 hour around the Cathedral.

    Further information HERE

  • La Romería del Rocío

    One of the most important associated brotherhoods is Triana Brotherhood (Hermandad de Triana).

    Further information HERE

  • Flamenco

    The district of Triana is considered as one of the cradles of flamenco art.

    Further information HERE

    The following bars offer flamenco environment:

    • La Anselma - c/Pagés del Corro, 49
    • La Sonanta - Plaza de Chapina, s/n
    • El Rejoneo - c/Betis, 31
    • Lo Nuestro - c/Betis, 31
  • Ceramics in Triana

    Pottery and ceramics are traditional and hand-made products in this district, known worldwide.

    In the near future, the Ceramics Museum will be open Museo de la Cerámica.

Gastronomy and restaurants

  • "Tapas" (Snacks)

    Triana is one of the best places in Seville to have "tapas". "Tapa" is a snack served in bars taken together with a drink: small culinary samples for lunch or dinner.

  • "Pescao frito" (Fried fish)

    There are many shops/stands in the city selling "Pescao Frito". It is served inside a rag paper cone to take away or to have it at a table in the street (called "velador"), together with a drink.

  • Sevillian dishes

    Make sure you try these four recommended dishes during your visit to our city: Gazpacho (cold tomato and pepper soup), Cola de Toro (Bull tail), Espinacas (Spinach) and Bacalao con tomate (Cod with tomato).

  • Desserts

    As for starters or main dishes, you cannot leave Seville without trying some of its desserts: Yemas de San Leandro (sweet made from egg yolks and sugar), Pestiños (piece of dough, deep fried in olive oil and glazed with honey or sugar), and Torrijas (thick slices of bread soaked in milk or wine, dipped in egg and then fried).

  • Tapas bars In Triana
    • La Blanca Paloma - Pagés del Corro, 86
    • Las Golondrinas - Pagés del Corro, 76
    • Casa Cuesta - c/Castilla, 1
    • Taberna Sol y Sombra - c/Castilla, 151
    • Albariza - c/Betis, 6
    • El Faro de Triana - Plaza del Altozano, s/n
    • La Mantecá - Pages del Corro, 7
  • Restaurants In Triana
    • La Blanca Paloma - San Jacinto, 49
    • Casa Cuesta - c/Castilla, 1
    • Casa Manolo - San Jorge, 16
    • Taberna Sol y Sombra - c/Castilla, 151
    • Restaurante Victoria 8 - c/ Victoria, 8 (bocacalle de Pagés del Corro)
    • Río Grande - c/Betis, 69
    • Albariza - c/Betis, 6


Boat trips along the river Guadalquivir, departures from Paseo Marqués de Contadero dock, at the foot of Torre del Oro.

Further information HERE

Other links of interest

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