Hotel Monte Puertatierra: Our hotel in Cadiz, is just a few metres from the beach (in southern Spain). Set in the historic centre 4 stars

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Links and useful information

Means of transport

  • Urban bus

    Buses in Cádiz urban routes.

    Route 1 stops at the hotel's door and runs along Avenida de Andalucía, Avenida Cayetano del Toro and Avenida Ana de Viya. In the opposite direction (stop in front of the hotel) this route will take you to España Square (Plaza España), city centre.

    Route 7 runs along the promenade (Paseo Marítimo) in both directions.

    Further information: CÁDIZ URBAN TRANSPORT

  • Taxis

    The nearest taxi rank is just at the hotel's door


City festivals

  • Carnival

    The real festival in the city, well-known all over Spain. Cádiz Carnival has been acknowledged as for International Touristic Interest. The Contest of Carnival Associations takes place in January and February which makes this festival more appealing.

    Further information on Cádiz Carnival HERE

    Further information on The Contest of Associations HERE

  • Summer and the beach

    Summer and the beach provide Cádiz with many cultural and recreational activities. Consult about activities being developed in the city during this period of the year at the hotel's Reception. Summer culminates with the celebration of Trofeo Carranza (football).

  • Easter

    Cadiz lives Easter to the full with the coming out of its penance brotherhoods , that stop at the Cathedral. Currently, 31 brotherhoods come out to the street.

    Further information HERE


  • Jerez de la Frontera Moto World Championship

    Jerez de la Frontera circuit is the stage for the Moto World Championship every year, it takes place on moveable dates, always in March-April.

    Official Web of Jerez Speed Circuit (Circuito de Velocidad de Jerez) HERE

  • Los Juanillos festival

    Festivity on the 23rd June, on San Juan's Eve. Figures in keeping with the city life or events or city or country personages are burnt in the districts of the city, such figures are called "Juanillos".

    Further information HERE

  • Tosantos Festival

    It takes place in November. An "Exorno de Puestos" Contest in the Municipal Markets is organised, it makes this day be a great recreational festival with large participation.

    Further information HERE

  • Nuestra Señora del Rosario

    It takes place on the 7th October. It is one of the most deep-rooted festivals among people from Cádiz. It starts in the morning with the "Flower Offering" (Ofrenda Floral) made by people from Cádiz dressed in typical dresses. In the afternoon, the Patron Procession of Cádiz is performed along the streets in the Historic City Centre.

    Further information HERE

Gastronomy and restaurants

Cooking and gastronomy in Cádiz is mainly based on fresh fish and shellfish from this zone.

  • "Tapas" (Snacks)

    "Tapa" is a snack served in bars taken together with a drink: small culinary samples to have for lunch or supper.

  • El "Pescao frito" (Fried fish)

    "Pescao Frito" is also a city hallmark. There is a wide range of dishes with fried fish. Cazón en Adobo (marinated dogfish) and Choquitos (cuttlefish) are the most popular ones.

  • Desserts

    Cádiz stands out because of its traditional desserts:

    • Turrón de Cádiz (type of nougat candy traditionally eaten at Christmas)
    • Cakes from Nuns' Convents (Pasteles de los Conventos de Monjas)
    • Alfajores de Medina (shortcakes).
  • Wines

    There are excellent wines in Cádiz and in its province. Jerez wines (Sherry wines) (fine, fragrant, amontillado and Brandy) and manzanilla from Sanlúcar de Barrameda (dry sherry) are the most outstanding and distinguished wines.

  • Tapas bars
    • Cumbres Mayores - c/Zorrilla, 4
    • El Faro (barra) - c/San Félix, 15
    • Balandro - Alameda Apodaca, 22
    • Avenida 28 - Av. Ana de Viya, 28
    • El Sur - c/Fernández Ballesteros, 5
  • Restaurants
    • El Faro - c/San Félix, 15
    • Balandro - Alameda Apodaca, 22
    • La Despensa - Escritor Ramón Solís, 9 -10
    • La Marea - Paseo Marítimo, 1

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Hotel Monte Puertatierra inscrito en el R.T.A. (Registro de Turismo de Andalucía, Consejería de Turismo, Comercio y Deporte) con número de registro H/CA/00933 // H 4*Ciudad.