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Monte Málaga Hotel: the value of respect for the environment

Hotel Monte Málaga | On the facades, the solar panels transform sunlight into electricity

Based on its wish to protect the environment, the Hoteles Monte chain has set up the Monte Málaga HoTel, which is committed to sustainability. Bioclimatic criteria in respect of sunlight, insulation and ventilation (energy savings), together with clean energy production techniques (solar and thermal panels) express true commitment to a new and more respectful relationship between the hotel building and the environment.

Furthermore, our effort has not only taken these factors into consideration as conditioning factors but also as an opportunity to offer our clients the finest quality hotel and the greatest comfort. For greater comfort is understood as physical, ethical and aesthetic wellbeing.

In this respect, as can be seen on approaching the building, the integration of the solar panel architecture aims to explore its potential beauty in addition to sustainable commitment and therefore great care has been taken in integrating these technologies into the landscape, which is another way of respecting the environment.

The Costa del Sol, as its name indicates, has plenty of sunshine which must be used to advantage.

On the facades, the solar panels transform sunlight into electricity. As well as considering them not only as the components of a facility, but true architectural elements, they are able to generate yet another important resource which is equally important in this region: shade. This allows us to open the façades to the Mediterranean, converting the rooms into real terraces, while preventing waste in air conditioning that could be harmful to the environment. It also allows for a better view of the landscape, without glare, by using the solar panels as a sunshade, and also permits the use of light glazing, thereby improving the view of the light and colours of the Mediterranean.

Hotel Monte Málaga | On the other hand, this skin is not a watertight urn that separates clients from contact with this privileged environment

On the other hand, this skin is not a watertight urn that separates clients from contact with this privileged environment. The façade of the rooms opens up into large window panes specially designed for better ventilation, making their transformation into a terrace that is open to the landscape complete. The application of modern technologies for saving and generating clean energies is often closely combined (such as on the façade) with Mediterranean strategies such as shade and natural ventilation.

In this respect, the central courtyard is a true lung with which the hotel breathes and is air conditioned, letting natural light and air into its corridors and congress rooms. Intelligent lighting allows the lights in the hotel to be adjusted, depending on the external light. This domotic (house automation) system enables energy savings, making the most of the abundant and comfortable natural light.

Contrary to what is usually said, technology is what enables us to make better use of natural, traditional or bioclimatic methods.

Hotel Monte Málaga | In short, quality is synonymous with wellbeing and sustainability

We believe that intelligent tourism is quality tourism, and quality tourism is sustainable tourism. For by respecting the environment, the most important tourist asset is preserved, and by applying bioclimatic techniques in hotels, in addition to energy savings, comfort is improved on. The truth is, the bioclimatic characteristics of spaces do not impair comfort in achieving sustainability, but on the contrary, bioclimatic elements always involve wellbeing and comfort, which are the principal objectives of a good hotel building. Spaces that are naturally well-lit and air-conditioned produce greater wellbeing than artificially-lit and air-conditioned ones. The shade and air in a cool courtyard are much healthier that air-conditioned spaces and the same can be said of natural light as opposed to artificial light.

In short, quality is synonymous with wellbeing and sustainability.

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